Reconnect with your strengths.

Let’s create a life with intention.

We are a multi-specialty group of practiced mental health professionals who foundationally value change, acceptance, and growth, located in Edina, MN and online throughout Minnesota.

We serve adults, teens, and tweens.

If you’re here, perhaps it’s because you’re in a painful situation, grieving a loss of something or someone, you’ve had a setback, or struggling in your relationship. Or, perhaps you’re managing well enough and want to process or improve on certain aspects of your life. 

Either way, Valued Living Therapists are dedicated to providing therapy that is tailored to YOU so that you can (re)connect with what is best in your life.

It’s time to create change. We can help.

How we can help

Trauma Recovery

Whether you have experienced a one-time traumatic event, multiple distressing events over many years, or moral injury, you find aspects of your life to be painful, unfulfilling or both. The Valued Living therapists who specialize in trauma recovery have completed advanced trauma training and tailor treatment to your needs. We want to help you get unstuck and live your one wild and precious life.

Relational/Couples Counseling

Relationships are hard! And, so worth it. Chances are, there have been unhealthy, frustrating dynamics that keep everyone feeling stuck and disconnected. We can help you change that.

Sex Therapy

A type of therapy that focuses on sexual wellbeing and addresses unique sexual concerns for both individuals and those in intimate relationships who are wanting to improve sexual functioning or enhance sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Disordered Eating Recovery & Maintenance

So, perhaps you are in recovery from disordered eating and wonder what’s next for your relationship with food and the body you live in. Together, you and your therapist will sort through the oh-so-unhelpful narratives, determine what safeguards you need in place to keep going in your recovery, and continue to heal the hurt parts.

Perinatal/Postpartum & Parenting Concerns

Pregnancy and Postpartum concerns are common. Parents can experience excessive worry, intrusive thoughts, sadness, exhaustion, and more when a new baby comes into the picture. And, being a parent often means that some aspect of your life is running on a deficit. Learn to be able to take care of yourself in both small moments and larger chunks of time by guarding it and/or asking for it. Determine what you can let go in the name of more peace in your life.

Dark forest path opening up into the light

Grief & Loss

Grief is an overwhelming emotional response to the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or anything that has great emotional significance like a job or moving to a new city. With the support of a warm and knowledgeable therapist, the challenges of grief may be shared and explored and a type of healing will occur.


“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”


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Start thriving instead of just surviving.

At Valued Living Therapy, we know that the foundation for change is fostering an empathic, trusting, and collaborative therapeutic relationship with each of our clients. We aim to foster your sense of wonder, exploration, curiosity, and discovery. We want help you (re)connect with your unique strengths and the parts of yourself that want to heal. And, we believe that a combination of integrative, holistic, evidence-based practices, tailored specifically to you, create the most meaningful, lasting change. 

(Re)Connect With Your Unique Strengths

(Re)Connect With Your Most Important Humans

(Re)Connect With What Is Best In Your Life