Why us?

At Valued Living Therapy, we help our clients integrate mindfulness, skill building, and play so that they can make meaningful, lasting changes in their life or relationship.

We believe that you are not broken. Things can get better. There are good reasons for the problems you are having; we just have to figure out what they are.

Your present struggles can be affected by age, health, psychological concerns, and relationship dynamics, as well as by daily life taking its toll. Some of these things can be changed. For others, you need to adapt to a new normal.

Either way, you can create your best possible life.

How We Help

Connection + Collaborative Alliance

We need connection with other humans. Hardship and pain caused by loss or disappointments, anxiety or depression, trauma or relationship challenges can be incredibly disorienting and lonely. The good news is that we have the ability to thrive in the presence of safe and trusting relationships where we can feel validated and appreciated for who we are. At Valued Living Therapy, we aim to cultivate a trusting and collaborative therapeutic relationship with each of our clients.

(Re)Discover Your Sense of Wonder + Curiosity + Exploration

In order to help our clients make meaningful changes in their lives, we strive to foster organic inquisitiveness and discovery about the endless possibilities. Through play and curiosity, we learn and discover a multitude of solutions we never knew existed.

Research Outcomes Informs Our Care

Humans have developed an incredibly complex and comprehensive way of understanding the world. Scientific investigation has provided a method for us to make sense of the world and improve our lives. We approach therapy with this in mind. We are led by the latest research findings of neuroscience, biology, evolution, psychology, and family systems theory. With this understanding, we have refined approaches to help individuals heal and create more fulfilled lives.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We believe that the interactions of the mind and body are incredibly complex at a time when the field of therapy is moving towards uniform approaches and one-size-fits-all interventions. We believe that body awareness, mindfulness, meditation, physical activity, and many other practices contribute to the prosperity of the individual. In collaboration we will delve into ways you can implement these practices to improve your psychological and relational health.

(Re)Connect with Strengths

We all have unique strengths and attributes that can become overshadowed by our past or current emotional pain. At Valued Living Therapy, we can help you nurture your strengths and the parts of yourself that can help foster the healing and growth that is essential to you. Through this process, you can live a life filled with more vibrancy, connectedness, and resilience when the going gets tough.

Meet the Providers

All therapists at Valued Living Therapy are Independent Contractors and not employees.

Erin C Peterson, MA, LMFT, CST

Psychotherapist and Owner of Valued Living Therapy

Erin sees Adults (21+) and specializes in the following:

  • Trauma and moral injury recovery
  • Sexuality and sexual function
  • Disordered eating and body image recovery
  • Perinatal/Postpartum and maternal mental health
  • Parenting concerns or burnout

Modalities Used:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Current Availability: Accepting new clients starting in September 2024, Wednesday through Friday

Dana Barnaal LMFT | Valued Living aTherapy

Dana Barnaal, MS, LMFT


Minnesota Board of Marriage & Family Therapy Approved Clinical Supervisor

Dana sees Adolescents (16+) and Adults and specializes in the following:

  • Life transitions
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Self-esteem
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depressive disorders
  • Trauma symptoms
  • Grief and loss

Modalities Used:

  • Internal Family Systems
  • Attachment Theory
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy
  • Systems Theory
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive
  • Behavioral Therapy

*Dana is fluent in Spanish.

Current Availability: Accepting new clients on Friday afternoons, both in-person and telehealth.

Eric Bender, MS, LMFT | Valued Living Therapy

Eric Bender, MS, LMFT


Eric sees Children (8+), Adolescents, Adults, Family and Couples, and specializes in the following:

  • Life transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Family conflict resolution
  • Relational and intimacy concerns
  • College/young adult concerns
  • Parenting concerns
  • ADD/ADHD management
  • School concerns
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders

Modalities Used:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Exposure Response Prevention
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Accepting & Commitment Therapy
  • Systems Theory

Current Availability: Accepting new clients, both in-person and telehealth.

Madeline Colford, MSW, LICSW, PMH-C


Madeline sees Adults (18+) and specializes in the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Postpartum
  • Infertility
  • Life transitions (college, new career, move/change of residence, breakups)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Perfectionism
  • Identity
  • Self-esteem
  • Chronic stress and burnout

Modalities Used:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Attachment Theory
  • Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Systems Theory

Current Availability: Daytime openings

Eric Bender, MS, LMFT | Valued Living Therapy

Chanel Flower, MSW, LGSW


Chanel sees Adolescents (16+) and Adults and specializes in the following:

  • Life transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • ADHD/ADD management
  • Cultural and identity concerns
  • Generational trauma
  • Attachment injury
  • Depressive disorders
  • Chronic stress/burnout
  • Relational conflict
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Substance Use disorders/concerns,
  • College student/young adult issues
  • Chronic suicidal ideation
  • Self-harm behaviors

Modalities Used:

  • Solution-Focused Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Current Availability: Accepting new clients, both in-person and telehealth.

Grace Goins, MSW, LICSW


Grace sees Adults (18+) and Couples and specializes in the following:

  • Relational conflict and injury
  • Navigating life transitions (college and graduate school, breakups, new relationships, etc.)
  • Anxiety and perfectionism
  • Adult family relationships and boundaries
  • Identity concerns and self esteem
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression

Modalities Used:

  • Emotion Focused Therapy Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Accepting & Commitment Therapy

Current Availability: Waitlist Only

Julie A. Moylan | Valued Living Therapy

Julie A. Moylan MA, LPCC, LADC


Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health Approved Clinical Supervisor

Julie sees Adults (50-65; does NOT accept Medicare plans) and specializes in the following:

  • Complex PTSD
  • Intergenerational Conflict
  • Diagnostic Consultation
  • Aging experiences~ discrimination, loss & grief, health issues
  • Repairing relationships with adult children
  • Caregiver dynamics
  • Depressive Disorders

Modalities Used:

  • Trauma Informed Eclectic approach
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Can provide care through interpreters in multiple languages

Current Availability: Accepting new clients for telehealth on Mondays


Ready to make a difference?

We welcome fully licensed independent clinicians, as well as medication management professionals, to inquire about contracting with Valued Living Therapy who have interest or specialize in any of the services we provide.

We offer a generous split with marketing, billing, insurance credentialing support, and furnished beautiful office space included to thrive in your practice just west of 50th and France Avenue in Edina.

A good fit for this group practice is someone who:

  • Values an autonomous, supportive, warm environment so that you can make your own decisions about what is best for your clients while you manage your own work-life balance without having to deal with the time, stress and financial burdens of developing and running your own practice
  • Values being at an office at least one day to provide in-person therapy and appreciates the in-person dynamic (the rest of your time can be telehealth if you want!).
  • Values camaraderie with other clinicians and accountability to do best work with clients and maintain ethical standards by not solely working in isolation.
  • Values a healthy place to practice and has interpersonal capacity for healthy collaboration and partnership.


We’d love to start a conversation

We will provide you with tools to relieve your distress and help you sort out how you got here so that you can move forward in your life with clarity and intention.