Relational/Couples Counseling

You can have the difficult conversations you need to come out stronger.

We will guide you.

Relationships can get stuck in a rut for a variety of reasons.

While the road ahead may feel painful and confusing, putting energy and hard work into a secure bond brings a deeper, more personal friendship and greater intimacy.

We believe relationships are meant to challenge us to grow, at least if we stick with them over time. What seems like a crisis or disaster now can be the doorway to making your relationship better than ever.

We need to figure out the dynamics in your relationship that have you stuck and help each of you change your part.


We want you to find more happiness and connection in your relationship.

Our focus is on your growth, insight, and capacity to be in a relationship.

Couples counseling is powerful because this work is done in the presence of your partner and with their input, support and challenge.

Each of you will be tasked with making individual changes in order to change the cycle in the relationship rather than waiting and expecting for your partner to change.


Learn skills for managing relationships

Find deeper insight into why partners create the relationship dynamics they do.

Learn the tenets of healthy relationships

Discover the research-derived components of a successful relationship.

Learn how to differentiate

Meet each other’s needs by expressing your desires and holding steady during conflict.


Remember the love and respect

Practice the skills of a good relationship such as developing trust, repairing after a fight, and maintaining relationship health.


We can help.

You may be wondering how you’re going to find the time to attend therapy.

Fortunately, we offer in person and telehealth options for couples who are ready to embark on the road back to each other.