Grief & Loss

Grief therapy can provide you with a needed framework to cope with the disorientation of loss, while at the same time help you begin to regain your balance and search for new ways of being and creating personal meaning in the world.

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Grief is a NATURAL response to loss.

Sometimes grief is complicated, and loss is ambiguous.

You might struggle with a depressed mood, a decreased interest in activities that once felt exciting, isolation, withdrawal, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness after a significant loss.

Loss can also trigger other mental health issues such as feelings of abandonment, anger, or guilt. It may bring up thoughts of past traumas and losses.

While everyone experiences grief and loss differently, you may struggle more than others. Although grief therapy at Valued Living Therapy cannot ‘fix’ or end your grief, talking to a therapist can help you deal with the additional challenges of a loss.



You may want to isolate and withdraw from people, or avoid talking about the loss, but you don’t have to deal with this pain alone.


Each of us has a unique experience of grief that needs to be respected and supported rather than a series of steps or stages that must be endured.

Valued Living therapists understand that grief is a lifelong mourning and can help you find meaning and joy again.

Therapy for grief and loss aims to help individuals better understand their emotions, develop healthy coping strategies, and, ultimately, work toward healing. It can be especially beneficial for those experiencing complicated grief or those who feel isolated in their pain. By seeking a therapist who specializes in grief and loss, you can navigate the grieving process more effectively and receive the support you need.

Receive validation and support to heal


Process your feelings and thoughts about the loss


Learn to live fully again

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We can help.

You can learn to accept and integrate your loss.

We offer telehealth or in-person sessions so that, no matter where you are within Minnesota, support and validation is available to help you grow anew.