Perinatal Depression & Anxiety or Parental Burnout

Whether you’re currently pregnant, recently gave birth, or parenting young children, each come with their unique challenges in this modern day world.

You are not alone.

Pregnancy and postpartum concerns are common.

During the perinatal and postpartum period, so much transition and change is happening outside of what you can control and can be quite overwhelming.

Or, you’re in the season of life of parenting young children, and you feel exasperated by the big emotions and juggling the needs of everyone around you. Perhaps you are lacking adequate support at home, feel alone, or struggling with high expectations of yourself.


There isn't enough time in the day

You’re frustrated and unable to do what you want to do.

you don't like the way you interact with your kids

You feel like you are failing in some way.


We are dedicated to fostering meaningful change and fulfillment in the way you show up for yourself and your family.

Learn how to become a resilient parent, give yourself a break, and return to your precious self.


Learn to protect time for yourself and your relationship

Restore through activities that are meaningful to you.


Learn to Give yourself a break

Practice radical self-compassion, and discover what good enough parenting looks like.


Learn to Advocate for you what you need

Set a plan to get those needs met, and schedule care for your body and mind with intention.


Learn to Be more present in the little moments

Make peace with the chaos, and distance yourself from unhelpful thoughts.


We can help.

You may be wondering how you’re going to find the time to attend therapy.
Fortunately, we offer telehealth as an option for those who don’t have the ability to get away or simply prefer to have sessions from home or work. Whether you’re feeding your baby, or your kids are in the background, we want you to be able to access therapy when it’s most convenient for you.