Sex Therapy for Individuals & Intimate Relationships

There’s something lacking or preventing you from having a fulfilling, joyful sex life, or perhaps you don’t have a positive relationship with sex.

You are not alone.

There are many reasons people seek out sex therapy.

It’s important that you see a therapist who is comfortable talking about the uncomfortable and who you feel confident can truly help.

These aren’t conversations you’re used to having on a daily basis, much less with someone you don’t know very well. But they are conversations we have everyday.

As sex therapists, these conversations are normal for us. We want to normalize them for you too.

sexual shame

sexual identity

gender identity/fluidity/dysphoria

improve sexual functioning & satisfaction

sex after getting sober

address desire discrepancies

compulsive sexual behavior and/or porn use

connect with self and partner after having a baby


We believe that you are not broken.

Things can get better.

you can create your best possible sex life.

There are good reasons for the problems you are having; we just have to figure out what they are.

Your current struggles can be affected by age, health, psychological concerns, and relationship dynamics, as well as by daily life taking its toll. Some of these things can be changed. For others, you need to adapt to a new normal.


sexuality is imperative

We do this work because we think it’s important and too often overlooked.


People suffer when they struggle in their sex life.

We want to help you figure out how you can improve your sexual functioning and enjoyment.


create the changes you need

We will work with you to help ensure have more pleasure, joy, intimacy and connection.


We can help.

Sex therapy is simply a specialized area of psychotherapy that deals directly with sexuality.

Treatment often includes practical, at-home behavioral exercises. Sessions are often educational and include exercises, techniques, and tools you will be recommended to do in-between sessions.